How much does it cost to join?

We have four membership categories for joining the FTA:
1. Adults 21 and older are $30 per year.
2. Juniors are $10 per year, Juniors are 21 and under unless enrolled in a college program.
3. The cost for families is $50 per year.
4. A supporting membership (non playing) is $10 per year. For more information, click on the Membership Application link.

If I join in the fall or late summer do I have to pay the full membership?

The fee will be adjusted depending how late in the season.

Do I have to do anything else as a requirement of membership?
No, but we hope that you get involved. We have fundraisers, tournaments, and many activities.

Is your organization involved in youth activities?
Yes, we are committed to developing and supporting programs that support our youth. We sponsor two United States Tennis Association Junior Tennis Teams, a Junior Tennis Tournament, a Junior Tennis League and an indoor tennis instructional program. We also work with local schools to hold afterschool Quick Start tournaments.Click on Youth Programs for more information.

Do you have a pro who will work with adults and or children?
Yes , Tennis Teaching Pro Aaron Petruski oversees all our youth tennis clinics and offers lessons to adults and children.

Can beginners join?
We welcome players from all ability levels and all ages.

How are matches arranged?

We have a number of adult "doubles groups" (see link on the left column), some of which play in the mornings and other in the early evening.  The players in each group are given a monthly schedule (by e-mail) and a list of subs to call in the event that they can't make it to a match for some reason.  We also have a "Singles Ladder" (see link on the left column) where singles players make challenges and arrange the day, time and location of their matches.  We also have drop-in doubles matches on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, and a Singles drop-in on Sunday mornings at Cushman Park.

Can I arrange my own matches during the week?
Yes, we put out a data base which has everyone’s contact information so that you can contact others to play whenever you choose.

If I sign up do I have to play every week?
No, most of our doubles play in done in "drop-in"  style and you play when it's convenient for you, and with groups that are compatible with your ability level.

If I don’t live in Fairhaven can I join?
Yes, you can join. Our organization is open to the entire South Coast community.

How can I join?

Download and fill in the registration form by clicking on our Membership Application link. Send with a check to the address listed on the form.

Are you affiliated with the USTA?
Yes, we are a USTA organizational member.

How do I know what is happening each week or month?
All communication is by e-mail and/or posted on our website.