Junior Tennis Program

17 and Under Tennis Clinics

The Fairhaven Tennis Association (FTA) sponsors tennis lessons for area youth through our Junior Tennis program. These are groups lessons for ages 6-17 and take place from April through October at Cushman Park in Fairhaven. Students receive instruction and play with others based on their ability level. The FTA uses a progressive approach that serves as a guide for coaches, parents and players to help ensure that juniors participate in events using the appropriate ball and size court for their skill level. Players will compete at appropriate levels of play as they progress through stages based on age, participation and achievement. By providing a pathway, young players will have the opportunity to experience suitable levels of competition as well as develop their games tactically and technically. The progression tracking system rewards players for competing and inspires them to play more often. It's not just about winning and losing - it's about having fun, engaging young children and helping them fall in love with tennis. 

The Director of our Junior Tennis Program is Ken Pottel. Ken is a retired teacher and administrator for the Wareham Public Schools and has played tennis for 50 years. Ken founded the FTA in 2006 and currently serves as its' Vice-President which allows him to direct his efforts towards the Junior Tennis Program.

Aaron Petruski is our Lead Tennis Instructor. Aaron is a science teacher at the Holy Family/Holy Name School in New Bedford. Aaron has been a teaching professional at the Lakeville Athletic Club for 10+ years working with players of all ages and levels. Prior to Lakeville, Aaron has worked in Pennsylvania with the Penn State Tennis Camps and local programming in that area. He competes regularly on the Lakeville League Team. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for tennis with the local youth.  Aaron is assisted by several highly qualified assistants, most of whom have come up through our program and who now attend college or high school.

Joanne St. Amand is our Coordinator.  She is a parent volunteer of one of our junior players. Joanne processes our registrations and performs other administrative tasks.

Beginning towards the end of April we offer 5 sessions consecutively that each last for 5 weeks. The first 5 week session is available on Sundays and Thursdays and the remaining 4 sessions are available on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our first lesson (clinic 1) is at 5:00 PM and is comprised of Beginner (red ball) and Early Intermediate (orange dot ball) players. Our second lesson (clinic 2) is at 6:00 PM and includes in our Intermediate (green dot ball) and Advanced Intermediate (green ball) groups.

Due to daylight restraints, our first session of the season is 1 hour each for both clinics 1 and 2 and costs $30. Our remaining sessions are one hour for clinic 1 and 1.5 for clinic 2 at $45.  Students may register for one, two or three (when offered) days a week per session at a cost of $30/$60/$90 for 1 hour clinics and $45/$90/$145 for 1.5 hour clinics.

In addition to group lessons, we also provide some students enrolled in our Junior Tennis Program the following additional opportunities to increase their court time. These opportunities are a perfect way for our youth tennis players to use the techniques they are learning in our group lessons. These opportunities include:

    +  Drop In Sessions:  Informal free sessions offered on select Saturday mornings to our
                                         Early Intermediate and Intermediate players taught by our assistants.

    +  Tournaments:         Singles and doubles tournaments are free for our Early Intermediate,
                                         Intermediate and Advanced students throughout our season.

    +  Tennis League:       Launched in 2018, our tennis league places groups of our Early
                                         Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced players together on a
                                         team and allows them to play against other teams with like competition.
To have your child learn to play tennis, a sport that can be played for a lifetime, please download our registration form and mail it in.  The current registration form is located at the bottom of this page and provides more detail about our current session dates and times.

                                                                 Please contact FTAJuniorTennis@gmail.com for more information
Robert Foster,
May 14, 2019, 10:01 AM