6 Player Doubles Groups

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Purpose:  to create doubles and singles groups that have 5-6 players who will be scheduled to play 4 at a time throughout the summer. 

Method:  players of similar ability will be grouped and once common days and times are considered, a schedule will be made by the FTA for the group.  Players
                  will exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers, so that if one has a conflict, they can get a sub from the 2 that are not scheduled on that day.
                  On average, each player will play 2 out of every 3 times the group is scheduled. Naturally, all players will have some conflicts (vacations, illness, etc.).
Benefits:  Besides having a steady group to play with twice a week, you'll have 5 other players who you will be able to set up other doubles matches (or singles)
                   if you desire more playing opportunites.  Also, it's possible to have team competition against other "6 Player Groups" of similar ability.

How to Register:   Contact FTA President  Bob Foster  (bobfoster444@comcast.net)  and let him know your USTA ranking  and the days and
                                   times  that you CANNOT play.  If you're not sure about your ranking, someone from the FTA will watch you play before you're assigned to a group.