About Us

In 2024 the FTA is celebrating its' 18th year of existence. It all started when Ken Pottel organized the Fairhaven Tennis Association (FTA) in the spring of 2007 with the purpose of introducing the sport to Fairhaven residents who have never had the joy of playing tennis and to re-introduce it to those who have, but, for one reason or another, had lost contact with the sport. In talking to what was to become the inaugural association members, it became clear that there were many tennis players in Fairhaven, but no organized way of getting them together, and many of them didn't know each other.  After the first year, it was clear the FTA had succeeded in bringing people of all tennis levels together, and many are enjoying weekly tennis matches with and against people they would not otherwise have met.

Bob Foster had been the President of the FTA since 2015 and  the association has close to 100 members currently. As of 2024, John Lally has become the successor for Bob as the President of the FTA.

The association sponsors many different activities including indoor tennis parties, in house tennis tournaments, an annual regional tennis tournament, tennis matches against other communities, a singles tennis ladder, two USTA Junior Tennis Teams, and we continue to work closely with the Fairhaven Recreation Department offering children and young adult tennis instruction.

One of the early successes the association has realized has been the entry into its ranks of some very young players, for whom  this experience will enhance as their game matures and their skill level increases.  Youngsters who may want to play the game had no way of contacting others with similar interests.

Aside from the playing aspect of membership, the social atmosphere that tennis generates has grown friendships among the people who meet every week to play.

The association and its members feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement at the prospect of making tennis and important part of the sports culture of Fairhaven and the surrounding area.

We invite you to join in the fun and share our love of tennis in Fairhaven.

EST. 2007


President:   John Lally

Vice-President:  Aaron Petruski

Treasurer:  Jack Vaz

Secretary: Jenn Vaz

Webmaster: Austin Reiff

Board Members:
Mike Gomes
John Lally
Austin Reiff
Paul Soares
Jack Vaz
Jenn Vaz


($40 for Adult - $20 for Youth {Under 21})



                Adult Tennis                
Adult Beginner / Intermediate     Tennis Lessons

Junior Tennis Clinics

    USTA Junior Tennis Teams